Pass Plus Course

02Ever wondered why it could be SO EXPENSIVE TO GET NEW CAR INSURANCE for new drivers?  It is because after 40 to 80 hours of driving experience, most people forget that they are still an inexperienced driver.

You can take further advanced driver training once you have passed your driving test by taking a pass plus course. It is normally 6 hours and there is no test at the end of it. Learning to drive on motorways, major ‘A’ roads and rural driving featured in the syllabus. The benefits include you improving and learning some skills you cannot learn before you pass your test, plus there is also a possible car

Obviously the last thing you want is to have an accident.  So what are the options for reducing the chance of being involved in an accident?  A Pass Plus course will enable you to gain confidence and experience after passing your test, including learning how to reduce the risk of accidents.

There are a number of instructors that will give you a discount on your insurance premium if you have completed a Pass Plus course.

•  Our Pass Plus course is a 6 hour package, which includes the following in-car tuition:

•   Dual carriageways

•  Motorway driving

•  Rural roads

•  Complicated city situations

•  All weather conditions

Night driving